Community Day Registration

Please see the important information below in order for your child to participate in Indian Valley Middle School's 2019 Community Day.

In order to participate, each student must:

  1. Have parent permission.  Please use the following link to submit your parent permission online.

  2. Raise a minimum of $5 in the Iron Dad Challenge.  Use the following link to make your donation online. *Donations must be made by Friday, May 17

    Online donation instructions:
    1. Click on "Click here to register for this class"
    2. Create an account using your e-mail address.
    3. Click on your name when asking who to register. (Click continue.)
    4. Put my information here:
      a. Student’s name
      b. Student’s grade
      c. Student’s homeroom number
    5. Choose your donation amount. 
    6. Click “Checkout”.
    7. Follow directions for credit card information. 
    8. Record confirmation number for student.

OPTIONAL: Purchase an official Community Day t-shirt - $10!

Thank you for your continued support as we encourage and reinforce the value of helping others. We look forward to a fun event!! If you have any questions, please contact us at